For those interested in something different, Dale has created triplets. Each image is approximately 9" x 17" with an overall framed size of approximately 41" x 27". The edition size will vary with each triplet and generally available on an order basis, with some exceptions. When you place your order, a 50% deposit is required with the balance, including shipping and taxes payable when shipped.

'Approaching Snow Storm'

Dale M. Reid Photography - Approaching Snow Storm 1 to 3
Nominee 9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, Still Life - Professional.
Edition Size 10. Each image Size 9 x 17. Framed Size 42 x 27.

'The Lady Charlotte Clive'

Create your own unique triplet, select any three images and the order that you would like them presented. The edition size is restricted only to ten pictures.

Dale M. Reid Photography - Clivia 1 to 4
each image 9" x 17". choose any three photographs to create a framed 41" x 27" triplet

'Jiving in the Rain'

Special edition of ten with the three images of Jiving in the Rain are presented in one frame. For individual pictures, the image size is 12" x 20" with a framed size of 22" x 29".

Dale M. Reid Photography - Jiving in the Rain
'Jiving in the Rain'. individual picture are 12" x 20". framed size of 22" x 29"


Are you looking for something different... something with a bit of an edge? Legs has been created from taking three pictures from her Mystery Girl mini-series.

Dale M. Reid Photography - Mystery Girl Series
'Mystery Girl Series'

'Triple Erotica' and 'Nerine Lily'

I am introducing two new triplets, 'Triple Erotica' and 'Nerine Lily'. The images are approximately 9" x 9" with an overall frame size of 19" x 42". The triplets are vertical and would be ideal for a small space in your home. They can also be ordered on as a horizontal presentation.

Dale M. Reid Photography. Triple Erotica Dale M. Reid Photography. Nerine
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