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Dale M Reid Photography - Fringed Tulip 1. 2021
Fringed Tulip 1. 2021
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Insight on Approach to Creating My Artwork

I always have used film in my photography and never had the desire or need to switch to a digital camera and processing.

For me creating an image is a process; it starts before the shutter clicks and ends with the final printed image. My approach to this process is very tactile.

After giving consideration to the selection of the subject and before I push the shutter button, I will look through the viewfinder at the subject composing and developing my statement. I will take into account a number of factors including lighting, positioning, selecting a filter, etc. Also, I will consider my printing requirements. This hands-on approach allows me to make my statement and imbue my personality in the image.

In the darkroom I will continue with my tactile approach as I select a number of elements from cropping, exposure, filters, dodging and burning to complete my statement and personality.

Seeing the image coming alive in front of you is such a heart-warming feeling.

I believe by using film and traditional darkroom techniques allow me to present an image with depth, emotional, energy and a connection. In some cases, I have been able to take my photography to a level to look like sketches. This has allowed me to fulfill the objective of making my artwork uniquely different.


I use a Mamiya RZ67 Professional II medium format camera with a series of Mamiya lenses (Sekor Z 50mm f/4.5W; Sekor Z 110mm f/2.8W; and M 180mm f/4.5 L SB. In the darkroom, I enlarge the images using an Omega Pro-Lab 4 x 5 enlarger.

Dale M Reid Photography - Elegance Calla Lys Noir 2. 2014
Elegance Calla Lys Noir 2. 2014
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I use Ilford Delta 100 Professional Black & White film. With it being a medium speed fine grain film, it is ideal for creating my fine art images.

Editing, Printing & Framing

Shooting with film, I plan the composition before shooting the image to limit the amount of cropping. In the case of my oyster mushroom images, I plan the shoot to crop the image to be square as I use a 6/7 medium format camera. In the darkroom, I will use dogging and burning to bring out my full statement.

My paper of choice is Ilford multigrade FB warmtone paper (glossy). For printing, I use Kodak Dektol developer. I use Kodak stop and Ilford Rapid fix. Prior to the archival wash, I rinse the prints using Kodak hypo cleaning agent. Prints are in the archival wash for one hour.

For my canvas prints, I contract Toronto Image Works to produce them. They scan my negative and then match to one of my silver gelatin prints. The image is printed on Torino, a cotton/polyester blend inkjet canvas featuring an acid-free base with a matte finish with long term fade and water resistance with pigment inks. Then a luster laminate is applied to ensure that the piece is protected and archival.

Depending on the subject, today I am producing either five or ten artist silver gelatin prints. For my current floral studies and mushroom series, I produce five artist silver gelatin prints with the mat signed and dated. In addition, I offer twenty-five large scale canvas prints that are signed, dated and numbered.

For my silver gelatin prints, I use a professional framing company that use a simple black frame with a double white mat. The images are framed by Images & Frames using archival materials.

Creativity and Design

With the closing of my studio and darkroom facilities located at 146 Thirtieth Street as of June 30, 2018 does not indicate that I will be scaling back my photography. I had my own studio for the last ten years. With the expiration of my lease and the passing of Pauline, I needed to evaluate my physical resources. I will now have the space to create my artwork at my condo. As a member of Gallery 44 | Centre for Contemporary Photography I have access to darkroom facilities to print my artwork.

You will continue to have access to my artwork through my website and at local and international art and design fairs and exhibitions. For my Toronto friends, if you would like a more personal touch, I would like to host you at my condo to discuss your artwork needs. Also, I would be more than happy to visit you in your home to help select the most suitable artwork.

All my artwork is personally created as I compose and capture the image on film. I also personally produce either five or ten silver gelatin artist prints. Also available are large canvas prints. For the large canvas prints, I contract Toronto Image Works to produce them. They are available in an edition of twenty-five.

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