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Still Life ~~ Mushroom Studies

Dale M. Reid Contemporary Fine Art Photography - 2021 Muse Photography Awards - Gold Award 2021 Muse Photography Awards - Gold Award, Abstract. Click here for the Muse Award gallery.

Initially, I focused on creating landscape images ranging from maritime to urban to industrial views which helped develop my artistic style. Later, after moving into my own studio, I shifted away from landscapes and began featuring botanical studies. The controlled studio environment allowed me to draw on my life experiences and pour heart and soul into each image by experimenting with composition and lighting.

The oyster mushroom first captured my imagination, leading me to photograph other wild fungal varieties as subject material. My creative vision highlights their bizarre shapes, alien textures and intricate details using composition and lighting to present crisp, abstract images. This abstraction invites multiple interpretations as viewers project their own memories and experiences onto the minimalist compositions set against a stark black background, amplifying the poetic quality of the images.

Although my mushroom images have been compared to Edward Weston's "Bell Pepper" series, I continue to develop my own unique artistic approach, selecting subjects that resonate with me emotionally. While my style has evolved to echo the Group f/64 aesthetic, I remain committed to experimentation, presenting new and innovative artwork.

Silver Award: 2022 Muse Photography Awards. Click here to view entry or click here for the Muse Award gallery. Professional Series Winner - Black and White: 17th Pollus Photography Awards. Click here to view entry.

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