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Do you take time to smell the roses? It may be a cliché, but new research suggests its sound advice for finding satisfaction in life.

Speaking personally, it is true! After my life partner, Pauline was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), our outlook on life changed. With the fragility of life, we started to appreciate the sensual pleasures directly involving our senses with things such as listening to ocean waves or birds singing; watching a sunrise or sunset or moon rise; appreciating cloud formations; smelling the fragrance of flowers; or just spending time together. Despite Pauline having MS, with this positive focus on life, we were able to achieve a full and enjoyable life.

Perception is defined as the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through your senses. This is a critical skill for creating my artwork. As my outlook on life changed, I was able to develop and enhance this skill. As a result, my artwork contains an underlying sensuality revealing my personality and emotions. Depending on the flower and my composition, I will create floral studies ranging from classical to erotic.

I started my transition from the corporate world to becoming a professional artist in 1999. I completed that transition to a full-time professional artist in April 2004. During the same period, I started to re-explore, on a part time basis, living as a woman. While becoming a professional artist had it owns challenges; the transition to a woman presented its own unique challenges. As I progressed through the challenges, I discovered a new true and natural self. The transition to a full-time transgender woman was an evolution and I am still learning as of today.

The development of perception skills and the transition experiences has allowed me to develop a distinct artistic voice. While I live as a transgender woman and proud of the achievements in my interactions with both the artistic community and the general public, the content of my artwork does not reflect directly on any community, i.e. transgender, female, etc., ...it reflects an artist!

Most artists focus on the saturated vibrant colors of their floral studies which can confuse the eye. My focus is on two complementary colors – black and white. Black and white photography is clearer, and a good image can enhance the subject's features – shape, lines and textures - the focus of my artwork.

Black and white photography might sound elementary to some. However, it is much more complex as a feeling or emotion is created in the contrast between the dark and light shades of black, white and gray. In printing my artwork, by recognizing the tone rather than hue or color, I have been able to master the creation of the illusion of three-dimensional images. Viewers have often commented that they feel movement in my images.

While, I did not set out to follow specific artists, my floral studies are often compared with Robert Mapplethorpe and Georgia O'Keeffe.

Here is a glimpse into my approach.

Viewers often question me on those images presented on an elegant white background: Is that a painting? Is that a sketch? I achieve this illusion through using film and the texture of the flower.

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