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My preliminary selection is based on an initial emotional response. I look at individual cut stems of flowers, a bouquet of cut flowers or a plant taking into account their shapes and color. While I do not shoot in color, the color variations can create a distinctive texture. The objective is to capture the unique structure of the flower – shapes, lines and texture.

Flowers symbolize many concepts depending on the context and the culture. Specific flowers correspond to culturally specific symbols. I create my floral studies to symbolize sensuality and to be interpretative. Prior to clicking the shutter, I select a black or elegant white background to present my subject against; and pay careful attention to the composition, the focus, the quality of lighting and anticipate printing the image in the darkroom. To round out my artistic expression, I use my darkroom skills (i.e., filters, dodging, burning, etc.) to create depth and warmth in the subject. For those images presented on an elegant white background, they take the look of a sketch or painting.

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