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This gallery represents Dale's introduction into figurative artwork. Up to this point in her photography career, she composed based on what was presented to her, in other words, composing from behind the camera. This was the first time that she had to step in front of the camera to compose her artwork. Not only determining the statement she wanted to make; she had to also consider the scene, costume, make-up and lighting; all aspects of creating an image.

For her 2004 Contact Toronto Photography Festival Exhibition called 'Enter', she introduced the Mystery Girl mini-series. This was her first exhibition as a full time professional artist and by introducing this mini-series allowed her to demonstrate the scope of her artistic ability. Secondly, the mini-series, a collection of self portraits without description, allowed her to 'come-out' without anyone knowing.

Also in 2004, she participated in a 'Mermaid' art exhibition where everything had to have a mermaid theme. For the exhibition, she created a grouping of four images called Queen of the Sea / Queen of the Deck, one for each of the suits in a deck of cards.

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