FEAST explores the intimate connection and cultural obsession with food. Focusing on both style and elegance, Jessica has amassed a collection of utilitarian objects that have been used in ceremonies and celebrations by an array of cultures, such as a 17th century Javanese bronze ladle used for holy water, to massive spoons from Africa dating back to the 19th century. Over 20 artefacts will be offered along with 11 unique limited edition black and white film photography images by Dale M. Reid.

Dale M. Reid Contemporary Fine Art Photography - 2021 New York Photography Awards - Silver Award 2021 New York Photography Awards - Silver Winner. Click here to view award.

A first in artistic collaboration for both women, this series of photographs capture the initial steps of a meal; the moment we grasp the food with our hands in anticipation of preparation. This simple act is the first step of many before it ends up being presented to us on platters and plates, served by spoons and ladles, and poured into cups. The absence of color was important to let the viewer take in the textures and raw form which is often forgotten upon consumption.

To view the exhibition: FEAST: Curated Selection of Ethnographic Objects of Art & Dale M. Reid Fine Art Photography | JL Phillips Gallery

Silver Award - New York Photography Awards: Click here for presentation. Visit photoawards.us to view entry.

Dale M. Reid Photography - Feast

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