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Dale spent her summer vacations in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Her location shoots included New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Many of her maritime images are from her seven week 2004 photo shoot in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Additional maritime photographs are available in the 'Open Edition' gallery. There was a special ambience about the surroundings, in particular the fishing villages. In her images, she captured the beauty and character of this environment through a combination of shadows, textures and lighting.

Many have commented that Lonely Boat is very similar to the style of Ansel Adams. It is a classic example of how she uses clouds in her artwork. This can also be seen in her piece Twillingate. Both of these images are from Newfoundland.

The cathedral style ceiling, in one of the Lunenburg, Nova Scotia waterfront buildings, attracted her to create Schooner Bluenose was Built in this Building. If you mentally invert the ceiling, you can imagine seeing a hull of a boat.

Old Man, Trout River Fishing Village is a departure from the norm for Dale, it includes a person in the image. While the fishing shed attracted her eye, something was missing. Later in her visit to the village, she found the old man inside whittling. That was the image she wanted! After taking a couple shots of him inside whittling, she asked if he could stand in the doorway because of limited inside lighting.

Ship's Graveyard, one of Dale's signature pieces was found in a small fishing village on the south shore of Newfoundland outside Port aux Basques. She created this image by focusing on the centre boat and shooting close-up to create the dramatic effect where the ship appears much larger than real life.

Dale observed the symmetry of the Lobster Traps Drying while she was driving down a side road in Iles-de-la-Madeleine. When creating the picture, she used the sun to highlight the rows of lobster traps.

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