Dale M. Reid Photography
10 February 2014

I am looking forward to an exciting 2014 with new exhibits, new artwork and the expansion of my network. I am excited to share with my friends the following:

  • I was invited to have ten images from my mushroom series published in the Spanish photography magazine 'arte fotografico'.
  • First time participation in the contemporary art fair - Toronto Artist Project (February 20th to 23rd).
  • Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival: I am participating in group exhibition called 'The Purists / The Manipulators' at akasha art projects inc. Watch for details in a future e-newsletter.

All the best for a prosperous and healthy New Year.


'arte fotografico'. Photographic Art Magazine (Spain) n.635

Dale M. Reid Photography. arte fotografico photographic art magazine n635Late last year, I was invited to have ten images from my mushroom series featured in the Spanish magazine 'arte fotografico' along with thirteen other international photographers. This edition of the magazine features still life images. This is a true honor and represents another significant development in my photography career.

Fotografia de Bodegón - click here for the article

"Addressing the publication of an issue dedicated to still life photography is a challenge if you want to collect different styles and cultural events, especially when the artworks are received from the hand of disparate authors with different concepts and graphics approaches."

"From the recreation of still lifes executed by painters of the Golden Age to conceptual photographic art -- while appreciating the diverse iconography dedicated to this genre -- this arte fotografico edition presents a colorful palette of creations and techniques."

~ excerpt translated from Spanish into English

About 'arte fotografico'

arte fotografico is, as the title suggests, dedicated to its mandate of photography. Founded in 1952, arte fotografico is the oldest publication of the Spanish photographic press. Since its inception, arte fotografico remains committed to the presentation of artistic values, the concept of authorship and recognition of photographic work. arte fotografico presents portfolios of featured photographers of international stature in a printed format on coated matte 170gr. paper with photos published in duotone and four-color or varnished bound by thread. The online magazine AFES provides various information and portfolios of emerging artists with a roster of collaborators and photographers.

w - artefotografico.es

Toronto Artist Project - February 20-23 2014

Dale M. Reid Photography. arte fotografico photographic art magazine n635This is the first time that I will be participating in the Toronto Artist Project.

The Artist Project is a contemporary art fair featuring only artist in various medium (mixed media, oils / acrylics, glass, photography etc.).

For details about the Artist Project please click here. To obtain tickets for the Thursday 19 February Opening Night Party visit microspec.com.

I look forward to meeting my friends at the art fair.

Dale M. Reid Photography. The Artist Project. Contemporary Art Fair. February 2014 The Artist Project. Contemporary Art Fair
20-23 February 2014
Booth 831
Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place
Toronto, Ontario
Thursday 19 February 7:00-11:00pm Opening Night Party
Friday 12:00-8:00pm | Saturday 11:00am-8:00pm | Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm
website - click here

UpComing Exhibitions
Dale M. Reid Photography. Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival. May 2014 May 2014
Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival
The Purists / The Manipulators
akasha art projects inc.
custom framing/gallery/art projects
Suite 200, 511 Church Street. Toronto, ON.
1 May - 31 May 2014
Opening Saturday 10 May 5:00-8:00pm
akasha website - akashaart.com
Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival website - click here
Dale M. Reid Photography. World Wide Art Los Angeles. October 2014 October 2014
World Wide Art Los Angeles.
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
16 - 19 October 2014
website - click here
Dale M. Reid Photography. December 2013. One of a Kind Show Chicago December 2014
One of a Kind Show and Sale
The Merchandise Mart
Chicago, IL
4 - 7 December 2014
website - click here
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