Dale M. Reid Photography
16 August 2013

Dale M. Reid Photography. new worksI hope everyone has enjoyed their summer. Mine has been very busy with preparations for the New York solo exhibition.

In this edition of my e-newsletter:

  • announcing details of my first solo New York exhibition call ‘LIFE’.
  • introduction of two new pieces of artwork in my mushroom series.

I look forward to see my friends in New York at my first solo exhibition.


New Artwork

Mushrooms continue to captivate my imagination.

I am pleased to share two mushroom pictures with you.

Oyster Mushroom #10 is a blue oyster with the outside pedals lined in a dark blue.

I would enjoy hearing your comments about the mushroom series.

First Solo New York Exhibition

(excerpt from the JWG press release)
Be it in close proximity to the life of the subject at hand, or so far from it, we welcome you to the exhibition “LIFE” by Dale M. Reid. Dale's phenomenal photographic work brings out the delight of re-discovering our childhood. Thanks to her elegant and powerful work, we find ourselves stepping into the pictures as it reflects on our lives. We smile as we see pears dancing in the rain. Our minds wander as we follow the road as it reaches to the sky. In this exhibition, we recognize her composition, lighting, perspective and darkroom skills. By bringing still life alive, and by connecting our lives to the real nature, Dale’s artwork is wonderful and awe-inspiring.

Dale M. Reid Photography. LIFE NYC 21 August 2013 at Joy Wai Gallery

In the digital era, everyone could be a photographer, but how do we see photography as an art form? What does black and white film photography mean to us today? Should we care that much, to the point of dissecting images? Or Dale’s work could answer those questions. All matters - her images are solid, and strong; light speaks the truth of what it is reflected on, her inspiration and her art bring us closer to see and think more about life, thereby enhancing each of our unique world vision through the arts.

The still life world is moving, and we are experiencing how Dale’s art speaks to us. We welcome you to experience that feeling at this landmark event!

Dale M. Reid Photography. Joyce Wai Gallery, New York NY LIFE is on display from 21 August-14 September 2013
OPENING RECEPTION on August 21, 2013
FROM 6:00-8:00pm

Joy Wai Gallery. New York City
122 W 18th St. New York, N.Y. 10011
phone - 646.688.3155
rsvp: press@joywaigallery.com
email - contact@joywaigallery.com
website - joywaigallery.com
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Toronto, Ontario
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