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October 2009

Announcing New Artwork

Dale M. Reid Photography - post cardPlease click here to view new work.

As everyone knows that I have an affinity for pears! My logo is based on one of my first still life pictures, 'The Pear Affair #2'. The 'Pear Affair' is a reflection of two of my characteristics... artistic style and creativity. Since my first venture into still life photography, I have added further work focusing on pears. In 2005, my Contact Exhibition was called 'Interpretations'. It explored the viewers' thoughts and feelings of primarily pears, positioned in different arrangements. In 2008, I introduced my 'Marching Pears'.

Now in 2009, I am excited to introduce two groupings of pears - 'Jiving in the Rain' and 'Dessert Pears'.

The 'Dessert Pears' is a play on words. In fact, I created a desert scene in my studio. With the use of several bags of play sand, a cactus plant and a blue back drop, the scene was created (I had my own sand box... lol). How did I come up with this idea? It was an extension of my 'Marching Pears'.

With the pears strategically positioned and the use of lighting, I was able to create interesting shadows and shadings. To create richness in the sky, I used a red filter when I shot the pictures.

Many of you may watch 'Do You Think You Can Dance'. This is the basis for 'Jiving in the Rain' pictures. I plan to continue this series with other dance styles. To create the scene, I built a pool in the studio to catch the water and used a watering can to create the rain. I would also like to thank my studio neighbours for the use of their 'wet vac' for the clean-up after each shoot.

This was a very challenging set of pictures to create. In fact, I had to shoot these pictures five times over about a month. The lighting, positioning of the pears and the angle of the shot were very critical to achieve the activity in the pictures. After each shoot, I would do an 8 x 10 print and study the pictures and make alterations for the next shoot. On my fifth shoot, I decided to try something for the first time... it worked! Why don't you visit me at one of my exhibitions and I will tell you.

Initial feedback has been very positive; people are saying the images are fun. In fact, one viewer very familiar with photographic artwork said 'I can feel the music in the pictures.'

In addition to still life, I have added three more pictures to my floral collection. I will often visit flower shops looking for a unique flower for my floral studies. On one of my visits, I saw a flowering Zebra plant and I instantly knew that I could create something interesting. I call the picture 'Pathways to the Throne'. By positioning the plant and shooting close-up, the front two leaves represent the pathways and they are out of focus for effect. The large flower is the throne and the smaller flowers represent sentries guarding the throne.

For the Disco Bell Hibiscus, I shot this flower in the field using natural back lighting. In the darkroom, I cropped and printed the pictures in a square format to put the focus on the beautiful flower.

Next Exhibitions

Continuing Solo Exhibition at Rosedale Diner

For those in Toronto, you can still visit Rosedale Diner for a solo exhibition of my floral studies. The exhibition continues until October 19, 2009. Rosedale Diner is an excellent place for a nice lunch or dinner. On a great fall afternoon or evening they have a fabulous patio out back. Visit their website rosedalediner.com.

Dale M. Reid Photography. Rosedale Diner exhibition. September 2009
Rosedale Diner
1164 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON
September 17 - October 19, 2009
website - click here

Vancouver One of a Kind Show and Sale

I am returning to Vancouver for the second One of a Kind Show and Sale. Please come by my booth 'J3'. I look forward to personally presenting my artwork to you and discussing my artistic style.

October 2009
One of a Kind
Show and Sale
Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver, BC
October 8 - 11, 2009
website - click here

Fund Raising Event

Dale M. Reid Photography - Parkland View to Humber College Buildings H23 and I25, Toronto. 2009. Edition Size 10. Image Size 16x16. Framed Size 25x25Parkland View to Humber College Buildings H23 and I25, Toronto. 2009.
Edition Size 10. Image Size 16x16. Framed Size 25x25

As an artist, it is important to give back to the community.

One way is to donate a piece of artwork for an auction. I am please to announce that I am participating in a silent auction for Muse: Grey Matters for Sunnybrook Hospital. This is my third year participating in this event.

This would be an excellent way of adding to your art collection and at the same time supporting a great cause.

Muse 09: Grey Matters
New Leader's 10th Annual Silent Art Auction in support of the Brain Sciences Program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Thursday, October 22, 2009 at 7 pm
Shamba Space at 48 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario

Muse 09: Grey Matters will celebrate local artistic achievement and cultural diversity while donating all funds to the world-class Brain Sciences Program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Proceeds from this year's event will help fund the purchase of a Transcranial Ultrasound, a revolutionary life-saving machine that detects and helps to prevent strokes.

$50 for the first 50 tickets sold, $60 thereafter.
Complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served. 19+ only.
Dress Code: Casual Chic

Spread the Word

If you have family or friends that would be interested in my artwork, please forward this enewsletter to them. This will also allow them to purchase discounted tickets online. Just go to the bottom of the newsletter and click the link 'Forward this enewsletter to a friend click [FORWARD].

Update of Contact Information

Since I am now exhibiting in a number of cities across Canada and the United States, I would like to have the ability to target information and offers to specific markets. If you could please take a few moments to review / update your profile, please click [PREFERENCES].

Upcoming Exhibitions

Please note that for the Toronto One of a Kind Show, I am only participating in the first five days, November 26 - November 30, 2009 as I leave for Chicago on December 1st.

Dale M. Reid Photography. EXPOART Montreal 2009 IV. October 2009
EXPOART Montreal 2009 IV
Place Bonaventure
Montreal, PQ
October 29 - November 1, 2009
website - click here
Dale M. Reid Photography. One of a Kind Christmas Show Toronto. 2009. November 2009
One of a Kind Show
Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place
Toronto, Ontario
November 26 - December 6, 2009
website - click here
December 2009
One of a Kind
Show and Sale
The Merchandise Mart
Chicago, IL
December 3 - 6, 2009
website - click here
December 2009
One of a Kind
Show and Sale NYC
Pier 94
New York City, NY
December 11 - 13, 2009
Preview Night, December 10, 2009
website - click here
Dale M. Reid Photography. One of a Kind Spring Show Toronto. 2010. March - April 2010
One of a Kind Spring Show
Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place
Toronto, Ontario
March 31 - April 4, 2010
website - click here

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